Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Life Saver: My highlighted CTMH Product item of the week.

    When you think about a scrapbooking "life saver" it probably isn't a little round roll of colorful candy.  For me it is a square and kinda gummy looking item.
     If you haven't already purchased a "Rub & Remove"  eraser- "Shame on you"!  And if you haven't heard me talk about - "Shame on me"!
     For a mere $2.95 plus s/h item #Z2107 can save your life or least your temper.  Ever gotten tombow adhesive on a card or layout where you didn't want it or plan it?  Had to take up something you just stuck down and move it over just a little and the glue still showed?  This handy little item will 99% of the time help you remove it all and quickly.  No fuss, no muss, and importantly no show.
     Go to my website and order it.  Check out some of the other great papers & tools while you are there.  Shopping from my website is so easy 24/7.
      Got a long list, contact me and let's have a gathering and plus you can get Free product.

Don't forget much of what is in the Fall/Winter Idea Book will be retiring on December 31st.  Start now to order your wishlist before what you want is gone.      Still don't have the new Fall/Winter Idea Book contact me.  We can fix that in a flash!