Monday, August 22, 2011


This EXTRA FREE Stamp Set an A size Alphabet. So many great uses. A value of $6.95 for FREE 

Now have you added up all value of the FREE stamps you are getting for your original $75.00 order?

Pair of Phrases FREE...$35.00 value
SOTM for only..$5.00....  17.95 value
Extra SOTM FREE........      6.95 value

              that's  $59.90.  Wow.

S/H and Tax are added to your Free stuff, and SOTM just like always.
Just go to my website, pick out your original $75.00 of great CTMH products, then pick up your August SOTM for $5.00 and that makes $80.00 worth of goodies, but don't stop there, keep going collect your  Pair of Phrases stamp set for FREE, and your SOTM FREE when your box arrives it will have a $139.90 worth of product inside.   Almost like Christmas!

When you get it ordered, let me know and I will have another little gift for you just from me.

Just a few days until August goes away and so will the SOTM and the FREE Alphabet set too.....don't wait, don't miss out.
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August SOTM and more Free Stamps

                                                                                   This wonderful August SOTM for Halloween is yours for only $5.00 and a $50.00 order.  It is so cute!  But wait there's more.  Remember the previous post for the double Pair of Phrases set?
If you order is $75.00 you are going to get it FREE.  Now that $75.00 order covers the $50.00 you need to order this SOTM so now you are only paying $5.00 for this set valued at $17.95.  THERE's More: If you order the SOTM for $5.00 you get another stamp set that is an alphabet set for FREE. 

Look to the next post....

August - September Exciting News

This exciting new pair of stamps is yours for FREE with a $75.00 order.  This set has a retail value of $35.00.

There images of an owl, silverware, prize ribbon, butterflies, snowman, a bicycle and much more.

Go to my website, place your regular order you will be able to order this valuable set (CC1014) for FREE.  (S/H and tax do apply).

If that is not exciting enough....go to the next post and see more added value.