Monday, August 22, 2011

August SOTM and more Free Stamps

                                                                                   This wonderful August SOTM for Halloween is yours for only $5.00 and a $50.00 order.  It is so cute!  But wait there's more.  Remember the previous post for the double Pair of Phrases set?
If you order is $75.00 you are going to get it FREE.  Now that $75.00 order covers the $50.00 you need to order this SOTM so now you are only paying $5.00 for this set valued at $17.95.  THERE's More: If you order the SOTM for $5.00 you get another stamp set that is an alphabet set for FREE. 

Look to the next post....


  1. That Halloween box and card set is so cute!!! I love that!

  2. Love your chest and all the stamping amazing work on it...Thank you for stopping by my blog, the top in the flower says "My place to get what ever is bugging me at the time off of my chest!"